Cautus Geo 10 years

Aug 2009

Cautus Geo AS established

Lars og Atle / Oppstart Cautus Geo i 2009

Lars Krangnes (left) and Atle Gerhardsen decide to try their luck venturing out on their own. They start Cautus Geo AS. The company is established August 1st, 2009.

Sep 2009

Monitoring of Åkneset

Cautus Geo takes over responsibility for instrumentation and monitoring of Åkneset. The project and monitoring system are covered in depth in the well-known geodesy publication, American Surveyor.



Sep 2009

GNSS instrumentation of Nordnesfjellet

Nordnesfjellet / Cautus Geo 2009

A comprehensive project that will become one of the world’s largest GNSS-networks for monitoring of natural hazards. Cautus Geo installs 18 GNSS devices on Nordnesfjellet in Kåfjord. The mountain is one of four in Norway that are continuously monitored, the most well-known being Åkneset and Mannen.

Oct 2009

Laser on Mannen

Laser on Mannen

Cautus Geo establishes a laser monitoring system on the mountain Mannen in Rauma municipality. Three lasers are set up and operational before November 1st. Mannen would go on to become one of the most comprehensive and complex projects for the company.

Nov 2009


Development of the data mangement system Munin. It is the start of what would become Cautus Web, a module-based system that gives the user real-time information from various sensors and instruments.

Nov 2009

Trimble on Åkneset

Upgrade of total station with a new Trimble 58 long range on Åkneset. We thereby administrate the largest GNSS network (technology that uses satellites) for deformation monitoring in Northern Europe.

Dec 2009

Profitable first year

Cautus Geo prepares its first annual financial statements. They show revenues of 3.6 million NOK and an after-tax profit of 760,000 NOK. There are zero days of absence due to sickness. The company has four employees on salary, three full-time and one part-time.

May 2010

Cautus Web in Western Norway

Åknes-Tafjord IKS, who is responsible for monitoring of the largest and most vulnerable mountain areas of Western Norway, begins using Cautus Web.

Jun 2010

Partnership with Trimble

Avtale med Trimble / Cautus Geo 2010

Enter into partnership with Trimble, the American-owned software development company and world leader in positioning equipment, with a focus on Saas (cloud services for use in areas such as transportation, monitoring, GNSS and agriculture). The agreement allows for commercialization of Cautus Web.

Dec 2010

Profitable growth

2010 is the first full operational year. The annual financial statements show revenues of 6.4 million NOK and after-tax profits of 1.5 million NOK, with no absences due to sickness. By the end of 2010, the company has four full-time employees and two part-time.

Jan 2011

New office

We move to a new office located in Nydalen, Oslo.

Apr 2011

Distributor of new monitoring system

Cautus Geo becomes the distributor of a new monitoring system from Measurand in Canada called SAAF. The system will come to be used extensively throughout the world, Norway included.

Jul 2011

T4D Web launched

We launch T4D Web, which is Trimble’s web-based monitoring software. The American firm Trimble is the world’s largest provider of measurement equipment for mapping and surveying, such as GPS and total stations. T4D Web will be used around the world by Trimble’s customers.

Dec 2011

First instrumentation using SAAF-system

Bygg og anlegg / Cautus Geo 2011

On the Strindheim tunnel project in Trondheim, construction begins in Bakklandet, an area with clay and little bedrock. The SAAF-system is used to monitor deformation in the mountain over the excavation.

Dec 2011

Strong growth

2011 is the second full operational year. The annual financial statements once again show growth. Revenues are 7.7 million NOK, with after-tax profits of 2.6 million NOK and no days of absence due to sickness. There are now five full-time employees and one part-time.

Jun 2012

Projects in Sweden


We win our first projects in Sweden and instrument several dams in both Northern and Southern Sweden. The projects are for some of Sweden’s largest dam operators. They encompass monitoring of deformation with both strain gauges and total stations, water level and measurement of climate and temperature changes in the structures.

Jul 2012

Monitoring project

We begin one of our largest monitoring projects along the new Vestfoldbanen rail line between Larvik and Porsgrunn. The project includes automatic monitoring of water level with data on the web in near real-time visualized by Cautus Web.

Nov 2012

New office location

New office location

We move in to new, larger offices at Sinsenveien 53 in Løren.

Dec 2012

The growth continues

Cautus Geo continues to grow in 2012 as well. Annual financial statements show revenues of 11.9 million NOK and an after-tax result of 4.2 million NOK. The company has seven full-time employees and one part-time.

Mar 2013

Our first avalanche radar

Our first avalanche radar

Development begins on our first avalanche radar. The first tests are performed in late winter 2013.

Apr 2013

Ulvin tunnel underway

Ulvintunnelen / Cautus Geo 2013

Ulvin tunnel is a part of a large joint project between the railroad authority, Jernbaneverket, and the roads authority, Statens vegvesen. We monitor strain, temperature and water pressure in the nearly 4-kilometer long railway tunnel.

Apr 2013

Gaselle Business

Gaselle 2013 / Cautus Geo

We are nominated as a Gaselle Business. Behind the nomination stands Dagens Næringsliv and Bisnode. The creteria include having an annual growth in revenues, with at least a doubling in four years and a profitable result.

May 2013

Ground-based InSAR

InSAR / Cautus Geo 2013

In the spring of 2013, there are many landslides on the roads in western Norway. We are engaged in several monitoring applications using ground-based InSAR, radar measurements from satellites. In November 2013, we begin periodic measurement campaigns with ground-based InSAR along E18 near Try in Søgne municipality.

Jul 2013

Build-out of Bjørvika area

In 2013, a large-scale build-out of the Bjørvika area in downtown Oslo begins. Cautus Geo is involved with the first project midway through 2013. It is the start of several years with monitoring of ground conditions and structures in the area.

Oct 2013

Development of the CL1 data logger

We start development on our proprietary CL1 datalogger. The CL1 will prove itself as a reliable logger used on very many of Cautus Geo’s monitoring projects in the years to come.

Dec 2013

Stable year

The annual finances for 2013 display stability. Revenues are 11.3 million NOK. The after-tax profit stands at 1.8 million NOK. There are 12 days of absence due to sickness in the company, which now has six full-time and two part-time employees.

May 2014

Develop our own pore pressure sensor

We develop our own pore pressure sensor specially designed for Nordic conditions. This sensor will go on to be used on many different projects in the coming years.

Jun 2014

First automatic avalanche radar in Norway

Snøskredovervåkingsprosjekt / Cautus Geo

Two new projects utilizing our avalanche radar. The systems are established in Lom in Gudbrandsdalen and Utladøla in Sogn. Both projects include automatic closure of roadways. These projects are the first automatic avalanche monitoring projects in Norway using radar technology.

Aug 2014

Regional office in Voss

Cautus Geo opens a regional office in Voss. This strengthens our presence in Western Norway.

Oct 2014

Entry into environmental monitoring

Robuste målebøyer / Cautus Geo 2014

We begin environmental monitoring and offer a wide range of environmental sensors and robust data buoy platforms well-suited for Nordic conditions. In October, Cautus Geo begins its first application with environmental monitoring of Kadettangen in Bærum municipality, just west of Oslo. The project also includes automatic settlement measurements.

Nov 2014

E134 project in Telemark

Commencement of the E134 road project in Telemark. Cautus Geo contributes with monitoring of ground conditions.

Dec 2014

A new year of growth

2014 is a new year of growth. Annual reports show revenues of 13.1 million NOK, with profits of 2.3 million NOK. There are 16 days of abscence due to illness amongst the staff of six full-time and two part-time employees.

Jul 2015

Projects in the Bispevika area

Cautus Geo continues to win new ground monitoring projects in Oslo’s Bispevika area.

Sep 2015

Office in Drammen

Another regional office is established in Drammen.

Sep 2015

Work on Veslemannen

Work on Veslemannen

Part of the mountain Mannen increases its movement. The area is given the name Veslemannen. Cautus Geo provides measurement equipment for mapping and monitoring of this part of the mountain as well.

Dec 2015

Strong growth

The annual finances show strong growth in 2015. Revenues increase to 19.5 million NOK. The after-tax result is a profit of 3.9 million NOK. Days of absence due to sickness are reduced to five, and the staff now stands at nine full-time employees.

May 2016

Commissioning of improvements on Rv13

Rv13 / Cautus Geo 2016

Work gets underway on improvements to Rv13 through Deildo in Ullensvang, on the stretch of road between Odda and Kinsarvik in Hardanger. We establish various systems for monitoring of unstable mountain areas. It is quite a comprehensive monitoring system consisting of strain gauges, total stations, borehole sensors and Cautus Web. Cautus Web.

Jun 2016

Start-up on the Follo Line

Follobanen / Cautus Geo 2016

Condotte is the lead contractor, and later will Bane NOR take over as Cautus Geo’s client on the Follo rail line entering into the central train station Oslo S. The project develops into a large-scale monitoring application. Eventually, it consists of monitoring of ground conditions, structures being built, existing buildings and operational rail lines.

Sep 2016

New office in Telemark

Cautus Geo established yet another regional location, this time in Kviteseid in Telemark.

Oct 2016

Commencement of our largest R&D project

We begin our largest R&D project. The name of the project is “Continuous pesticide sensing in the environment”, abbreviated CoPs. The project is supported by the EU and Forskningsrådet. The goal is to develop a system for automatic and continuous measurement of many different pesticides with real-time reporting of data.

Dec 2016

New year of growth

Financial statements for 2016 show strong growth. Revenues increase to 23 million NOK. The after-tax profit is 3.6 million NOK. Absences due to illness are 16 days. The company ends the year with ten full-time employees.

Apr 2017

Monitoring project Rv13

Cautus Geo 2017

Parts of the construction site in connection with the development of Rv13, Jobergtunellen, slide out in Granvinsvatnet. Cautus Geo is tasked with monitoring ground conditions and stability after the slide and during rebuilding of the road..

Jun 2017

Expanded mapping services

We now offer both mapping and deformation analysis through use of multibeam, laser scanning and photogrammetry with drones.

Sep 2017

Increased distribution across Norge

We deliver a large number of SAAF (measurement system for deformation along a cable) from Measurand and are one of the largest distributors for the system in the world.

Nov 2017

Gaselle again

Gaselle 2017 / Cautus Geo

Cautus Geo is once again nominated as a Gaselle. The first time was in 2013. Behind the nomination stands Dagens Næringsliv. The creteria include having an annual growth in revenues, with at least a doubling in four years and a profitable net result.

Dec 2017

Several projects delayed

The annual financial statements for 2017 show for the first time a drop in revenues, which sit at 15.6 millioner kroner. The downturn is a result of delyas to the planned start-up of several projects which Cautus Geo bid on. After-tax results show a profit of 1.6 million NOK. Absences due to sickness are 19 days. The company remains with ten full-time employees.

Jan 2018

The world’s northernmost

Verdens nordligste / Cautus Geo 2018

We establish one of the world’s northernmost monitoring systems with a total station one New Ålesund onSvalbard. The system is used to measure stability on VBLI-antennas for the Norwegian Mapping Authority, Statens Kartverk.

Feb 2018

First avalanche monitoring with geophones

Tinnsjøen / Cautus Geo 2018

Cautus Geo wins its first avalanche monitoring projects with geophones on Rv37 along Tinnsjøen in Telemark. The system is wireless. It quickly detects avalanches and closes Tinnsjøveien with traffic lights and gates.

May 2018

Monitoring of cultural heritage sites

Overvåkning av kulturminner i Norge / Cautus Geo 2018

Cautus Geo is awarded a framework agreement for monitoring of cultural heritage sites in Norway over the next several years. With the project, the company becomes involved in exciting new types of measurements, for example measurements in cultural soil layers dating back to the Middle Ages under the present-day ground level.

Jun 2018

Fast Track to Innovation

Cautus Geo moves up into the «Champions League» of innovation and deelopment, says Innovation Norway upon distribution of EU-funding fra the EU’s Horizon 2020 program.  Cautus Geo is one of two companies in Norway who receive approval for their «Fast Track to Innovation» applications. The EU support will go towards development of a new type of water sensor that measures pesticides in water in real-time.

Jun 2018

The world’s longest automatic deformation cable

Gilhus Drammen / Cautus Geo 2018

In the Gilhusbukta bay outside of Drammen, new land is established. The area is important for birds and fish. A filling and drainage method is deployed to allow for quick completion. The filling is precisely controlled, and Cautus Geo has installed what is perhaps the world’s longest automatic deformation cable at 330 meters with measurements taken every meter. Altogether, the SAAF system of nearly 1 kilometer measures settlement across the bay.

Dec 2018

Sterong growth

Annual reports for 2018 show strong growth. Sales revenues are 21.8 million NOK. The end result after tax is a profit of 2.5 million NOK. The company has ten employees.

Jan 2019

Investment in ground-based InSAR

Investerer i bakkebasert InSAR / Cautus Geo 2019

Cautus Geo invests in ground-based InSAR (satellite radar measurements) for monitoring of Stavbrekkfonna. With measurement systems including laser scanners, ground-based InSAR, multibeam, total stations, GNSS-equipment and several drones for photogrammetry, Cautus Geo offers some of the most powerful technology available for mapping of natural hazards and structures.

Apr 2019

Assignments on Bane NOR projects

Assignments on Bane NOR projects

Cautus Geo receives work orders on several of Bane NOR’s (railroad authority) projects. The assignmenets entail pore pressure, deformation and other measurements on the Follo Line project in Oslo, Vestfoldbanen, Eidsvoll South and Moss.

Jun 2019

Salmon and tunnel in Bjørvika

Salmon and tunnel in Bjørvika

Cautus Geo monitors pore pressure and water quality during building of Museumsutstikkeren at the new Munch Museum in Oslo. The objective is to control the pressure load on the Opera tunnel and ensure there is no harm to salmon and sea trout that migrate through the area.

Aug 2019


Cautus Geo 10 år

August 1st, 2019: Cautus Geo celebrates 10 years.

Cautus Geo has become one of Europe’s leading companies in automatic monitoring of geohazards, structures, climate and the environment. Teh company has grown from being a company with a focus on geotechnical measurement systems to covering many different subject areas such as geotechnical, geology, geodesy, environmental, water, snow, IT, electronics and software development.

Cautus Geo has bet big on research and development and had a curiosity for new technology, measurement methods and business areas.

Cautus Geo is one of the most solid businesses with AAA-rating from Bisnode/DNB.