• Atle Gerhardsen was interviewed by The Nation and says that there are much more affordable options for avalanche prevention in Geiranger than building a tunnel, which is estimated to cost 892 million NOK

    There is a lot of money to be saved on the Geiranger tunnel. The tunnel can be exchanged for a system for warning and controlled blasting for snow removal. In this case, the price tag would be reduced by several hundred million kroner, according to an article in The Nation. The newspaper The Nation is… Read more »

  • Gámanjunni GNSS

    Kåfjord Municipality and Gámanjunni

    Cautus Geo has delivered the GNSS network used by NVE (Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate) to monitor the particularly rockslide-prone area Gámanjunni in Kåfjord municipality in northern Troms county. Gámanjunni will bury large parts og Manndalen below if a rockslide occurs and put the nearby residents at risk. Gámanjunni is one of the most… Read more »

  • Joasetbergi overvåking fjellskred med totalstasjon

    Video: Real-time monitoring of Joasetbergi

    Cautus Geo has established an automatic monitoring system at Joasetbergi. Joasetbergi is a part of the unstable mountain area Stampa in Sogn og Fjordane county. It is located 800m up the mountainside east of the town of Flåm at the end of Aurlandsfjorden, 125 km east of Bergen. Stampa is one of the largest unstable… Read more »

  • Fjellsprengningsdagene 2017

    Cautus Geo participated once again this year in the Fjellsprengningsdagene conference, which was held November 23-24, 2017 in Oslo.

  • kameraovervåking for snøskred på svalbard

    Camera monitoring for avalanches on Svalbard

    Camera monitoring for avalanches Cautus Geo delivers camera equipment for snow monitoring related to snow drift and avalanches on roadways. Last week, Cautus Geo installed equipment for monitoring of the snow conditions near the access road to SvalSat from Longyearbyen, Svalbard. The road runs along a steep slope, and every winter snowdrifts transported by wind… Read more »

  • intergeo geodesi geo-messe

    Intergeo 2017

    Cautus Geo participated in INTERGEO 2017 in Berlin. INTERGEO is the leading international convention for geodesy, geoinformation and geo-IT with over 550 exhibitors.

  • Eksempel på deformasjonsmåling

    Deformation measurement on structures and construction sites

    Deformation measurement background Measurement and control of stability, deformation and changes in ground conditions are very important on both existing infrastructure and new building projects. Continuous measurement documents changes over time and helps to ensure that projects go according to plan. Dams, roads, bridges, tunnels, foundations, retaining walls, embankments and buildings are all exposed to… Read more »

  • Norconsult installerer poretrykksmålere fra Cautus Geo

    Norconsult Fältgeoteknik framework agreement with Cautus Geo

    Cautus Geo supplies piezometers to Norconsult With over 10 drilling rigs in Norway, Norconsult Fältgeoteknik performs site surveys and geotechnical work across the country. They have now entered into an agreement with Cautus Geo on the delivery of piezometers together with our proprietary real-time monitoring system. This provides a complete solution for pore pressure monitoring…. Read more »

  • deformasjoner spunt

    Real-time deformation monitoring during sheet piling work

    In connection with the building of the New Jordal Amfi ice rink in Oslo, Cautus Geo is involved with monitoring deformations around a culvert crossing Hovinbekken, which runs directly through the construction site. Sheet piling being installed nearby the culvert has been determined a critical phase in the construction process. Throughout this process, Cautus Geo… Read more »

  • New employee in Cautus Geo

    On August 1st, Lars Steinar Hefre started with us as a geologist and geotechnical specialist. We welcome him to the team!

  • Cautus Geo sponsors Svelvik Tennis Club

    Cautus Geo was one of the sponsors when Svelvik Tennis Club held the Bertel O. Steen Grand Prix, category 1, during the weekend of May 18-21. The tournament was open for everyone with both singles and doubles classes.

  • SAAF deformasjonskabel installeres på togskinne

    Video: Follo Line SAAF Installation

    Cautus Geo has recently installed a SAAF deformation measurement cable along a rail line on the Follobane (Follo Line) project in downtown Oslo. The instrument cable has a sensor every 500 mm and will monitor for potential movement of a 30-meter rail section while work to expand the rail network in the area continues. This… Read more »