Engineering and Construction

Vi leverer ulike målesystemer for byggeprosjekter

Cautus Geo AS delivers automatic surveying systems for construction projects where there are issues related to deformation, stability, settlement, groundwater, environmental management or pollution. Geomonitoring and instrumentation is becoming increasingly important to take into account the environment and maintain control during the construction period, particularly in urban areas where construction is taking place in tighter and more difficult areas, including in tunnels and underground.

For many projects, automatic monitoring provides a more economical option compared to manual monitoring and verification to ensure that activities can safely proceed as normal. By continuously monitoring automatically for harmful or adverse events, early warning alarms can be triggered in advance of unsafe conditions.

An overview of some applications for geotechnical instrumentation and geomonitoring for engineering and construction are as follows:

  • Remote measurement and warning of changes in pore pressure in work areas, embankments, etc.
  • Remote tracking and notification of changes in groundwater levels during construction work, tunneling, etc.
  • Settlement, stability and deformation surveying in the ground and structures
  • Vibration measurement in structures and land masses
  • Measurement of responses in bridges and structures under construction
  • Measurement of inclination and deformation in sheet piles
  • Continuous control of water and the environment during construction

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