Our aim is to deliver systems and solutions based on the best available technology for all of our projects. To achieve this, we use a wide range of sensors and survey systems.


Cautus 3D modeling

3D modeling and analysis of areas with geohazards or surface extraction of rocks and minerals.

Snøskredradar for skredovervåking

Cautus Avalanche Radar

Radar-based measuring system for monitoring and forecasting of avalanches and landslides.


Cautus Avalanche Radar

Remote avalanche monitoring and early warning.

cautus kamera fjernovervåking fanger fjellsprenging, snøskred og mer

Cautus Camera

Different camera solutions for visual monitoring.


Cautus Fiber DAS

Avalanche and rockfall monitoring with distributed acoustic sensing.


Cautus Laser

Robust and accurate laser system developed by Cautus Geo for distance measurements up to 200m.

Cautus Logger CL1 for fjernavlesing og overvåking

Cautus Logger

Flexible and robust yet simple and cost-effective data logger well-suited for geomonitoring.


Cautus Rads

Wireless rock and avalanche detection system.

sensor for overvåking fangnett

Cautus Safety Net/Pullout Sensor

Sensor system for warning of rockfall in safety nets or blasting areas.

cautus snødybdemåler

Cautus Snow Depth

Solar and battery-powered snow depth monitoring rod and weather station system.


Cautus Wireless Geophone System

Wireless geophone system for cost-effective avalanche monitoring.

geoteknisk overvåkning

Geotechnical Monitoring

Cost-effective, automated total solutions for geotechnical monitoring applications.

Trimble mottaker for GNSS målinger


GPS and GLONASS satellite measurements for continuous survey of 3D deformation (4D).

Laserskanning med Cautus Laser

Laser Scanner

Robust and precise laser system developed by Cautus Geo for mapping and deformation analysis.


Pore Pressure Measurement

Pore pressure measurement systems for use in challenging Nordic soils and climate with vibrating wire piezometers.


SAA 3D Sensing Array

Measurand’s SAA (ShapeAccelArray) is a versatile rope-like array of sensors for deformation monitoring.

Totalstasjon for deformasjonsovervåkning

Total station

Automated, high 3D precision total station for deformation measurement at distances up to 2000m.