Pore Pressure Measurement


Cautus Geo delivers pore pressure measurement systems with vibrating wire piezometers specially designed for challenging Nordic climate and soil conditions. This type of system can be provided with a single sensor for measurement at a specific point or in a network of sensors installed at various depths in the ground.

We deliver complete system packages with everything needed for measuring pore pressure – sensors, handheld readouts, GSM/GPRS data loggers in weatherproof cabinets, power supplies (either 12V battery with solar charging or 230V mains power), and mounting supplies.


Such systems can be delivered pre-mounted and ready for installation. Data loggers are configured to send data to Cautus Web for further analysis, presentation and alarms via email or SMS. Other types of sensors for weather and water quality monitoring can also easily be integrated into these systems.

We also offer a custom-designed adapter for push-in installation in soft clay soils. The adapter is connected directly to 44 mm bore rods with R32 connectors. It also has features designed to protect the signal cable during installation. This method makes it possible to install without the need for water pipes permanently installed in the ground and is very efficient in terms of both time and cost.

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