We have a number of partners around the world.
Some of the most important are:

Measure It AS

Cautus Geo uses sensors from Measure It AS, a company specializing in sales of a wide range of geotechnical and environmental sensors and instrumentation including data loggers, geotechnical sensors, water quality probes, and weather stations. Measure It represents some of the industry’s leading manufacturers including Geosense, Solinst, NexSens Technology, Campbell Scientific, and Eureka as well…

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Measurand manufactures SAAF (ShapeAccelArrayField) systems to measure deformation along rope-like arrays of sensors. The instrument consists of either 305 or 500 mm long measurement segments, from which deformation is measured as the angle change between successive segments. Cautus Geo has successfully implemented SAAF arrays for a variety of applications and has a data display and…

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Cautus Geo supplies GNSS and total stations from Trimble. Cautus Geo and Trimble have previously collaborated to develop mapping and sensor solutions which include user-friendly data presentation on Cautus Web.

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