snø og snøskred - varslingssystemer

Being in a Nordic, mountainous region means dealing with snow for several months of the year and a high potential for avalanches in many locations. Cautus Geo supplies systems both for measuring the overall snow depth in an area as well as detecting avalanche activity. Early warning of such events can be vital in protecting people and resources.

For snow depth monitoring, Cautus Geo has developed a system that consists of a measuring rod with temperature sensors every five centimeters and a weather station which measures wind speed and direction, air pressure, humidity and air temperature. Another method is to use a radar system for non-contact snow measurement, which can be integrated with alert systems to provide advanced warning for possible avalanches.

General use purposes for snow measurement include:

  • Meteorological studies and recordkeeping
  • Avalanche prediction and detection
  • Evaluation of ski conditions
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