Environment, Climate and Water

Environmental monitoring systems can be an important tool for oversight and early warning for potentially hazardous conditions. A wide range of available sensors can relay precise measurements on weather conditions, water quality parameters and virtually any type of remote environmental monitoring application.

Climate systems measure essential weather parameters including temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed and direction, and precipitation. These can be important factors in predicting landslides, avalanches and floods and for general purpose climate modeling. Individual sensors can be used for specific parameters, or low-maintenance multiparameter instruments can simultaneously measure several parameters.

Water quality and level monitoring networks deliver information on basic parameters including temperature, conductivity, salinity, pH, dissolved oxygen, and turbidity. Advanced sensors including fluorometers and ISEs (ion-selective electrodes) can detect constituents such as algae, chlorophyll, oils and nutrients. Instruments may be deployed near-shore from land-based structures or in open water from buoy platforms ranging in size from small and portable to large and powerful.

Some of the most common types of systems supported by Cautus Geo AS include:

  • Multi-parameter weather stations for long-term climate modeling and predicting
  • Precipitation and snow depth monitoring in unstable areas
  • Wind profiling near sensitive areas and structures
  • Water level monitoring in flood-prone areas
  • Offshore current monitoring
  • Turbidity monitoring at dredging and construction sites
  • Dissolved oxygen and total dissolved gas monitoring at dams and inland lakes
  • Temperature and oxygen profiling in reservoirs
  • Salinity monitoring in surface waters and estuaries
  • pH and nutrient monitoring at water and wastewater treatment facilities
  • Dye tracer tests in surface waters
  • Soil moisture monitoring in agricultural areas

En målebøye som overvåker turbiditet i forbindelse med anleggsarbeider ved strandlinjen i Sandvika høsten 2015.

Installasjon av værstasjon og ultrasonisk snødybdemåler på høyfjellet i Nordland høsten 2015.


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