Cautus Logger

Cautus Logger CL1 for fjernavlesing og overvåking

The Cautus Logger, CL1, is a flexible and robust yet simple and cost-effective data logger that is ideal for use in geo-monitoring and other environmental monitoring projects. It has both digital and analog inputs and can transmit data directly to Cautus Web or other third party software programs.

Highlighted specifications include:

  • 6 analog voltage/4-20 mA ports and optional expansion with 6 vibrating wire ports
  • Can be integrated with cameras, weather stations, snow depth measurement devices and other digital sensors
  • Secure wireless connection and remote control through integrated GSM/GPRS modem
  • Low power consumption allows for use in unattended, remote applications with solar charging

The Cautus Logger was developed based on many years of experience in geo-monitoring. It comes either as a basic logger or with expanded vibrating wire functionality. The logger can be reached in remote field locations through a secure tunnel based either on OpenVPN or a private APN, which also simplifies administration of the logger.

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