Cautus Geo has entered an agreement with Measurand

Cautus Geo has entered an agreement with Measurand on distribution of SAA (ShapeAccelArray) systems for measuring deformation in boreholes and on structures.

About the SAA (ShapeAccelArray) measurement system

SAA is a rope-like array of sensors and microprocessors that fits into a small (27 mm; 1.05″ ID) casing. Any deformation that moves the casing is accurately measured as a change in shape of the SAA. It also measures temperature and vibrations.

Vibrations may also be measured at multiple points. Most SAAs are shipped on a reel, can be handled by a single person, and can be 100 m (330′) long.

SAA is re-useable. The same array can be used for horizontal or vertical measurements.

In brief:

  • Length of segments: 30 or 50 cm (12” or ~19”)
  • Each segment has three MEMS accelerometers
  • Segments are connected by flexible joints
  • In-array microprocessors collect and send digital data
  • Two forms: “Field” and “High-speed Research” (SAAF and SAAR)
  • Measurements are based on tilt, like inclinometer measurements
  • Arrives on a reel
  • Installs in inexpensive, locally available, 27 mm (1.05”) ID PVC electrical conduit.
  • Withstands huge deformations
  • Unlikely to be trapped in casing
  • Measures deformation at typically hundreds of locations
  • The same array can be used vertically or horizontally (slope or subsidence)

About Measurand:

Measurand is a Canadian based company, delivering 3D sensing arrays since 1993. Their products are mainly used in human motion capture and geotechnical applications.