• Deformation monitoring in the ground

    For the client Østfold Energi we have recently installed SAAF deformation sensor (field array) in vertical boreholes for continuous web monitoring. The energy wells drilled for New Hospital in Østfold, Norway, and the purpose is to monitor the stability in the soil while this work is ongoing.

  • Pore Pressure along Lake Mjøsa

    For the contrators Veidekke and Hochtief we have recently automated piezometers for continuous remote reading. The purpose is to monitor the stability and pore pressure during filling along Mjøsa in connection with the common road and rail project E6-Dovrebanen, Norway.

  • Cautus Geo in new office

    Oslo Department of Cautus Geo AS has recently moved to new offices in Sinsenveien 53D. Nice rooms with city views in three directions, and more space for people and equipment.

  • Groundwater level monitoring stations installed at “Vestfoldbanen”!

    Cautus Geo has installed 30 monitoring stations and sensors in wells and ponds on the new “Vestfoldbanen” between Larvik and Porsgrunn. This is to provide automatic monitoring of surface and ground water during the construction period ranging from 2012 to 2018. Monitoring stations with logger and telemetry sends data automatically to Cautus Web.

  • New projects

    Many interesting projects are underway in autumn 2012.
    Monitoring of groundwater, reservoirs, concrete dams, stability of clay, guard nets, and use of 4D camera, More information will follow!

  • Television report about the rock mass Mannen

    Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation has made ​​a report on the monitoring of the rockmass “Mannen”. This was the broadcasted on the evening news on 22th May 2012, and is also posted on the NRK website.

  • Cautus Geo at the Nordic Geotechnical Meeting

    Cautus Geo AS participated in the Nordic Geotechnical Meeting (NGM2012) in Copenhagen.
    Professionals from across the Nordic countries were gathered for the academic exchange between 9th and 12th May 2012.