Exciting monitoring project in Mosjøen


Cautus Geo is currently involved in an exciting monitoring project in connection with the development of the harbor area in Mosjøen.
Under direction of NCC, we started field installation last week. The project will last for several years and includes monitoring of pore pressure, deformation and vibration of buildings and vulnerable structures during construction work.

The first phase of the development will be monitored with 3 vibration sensors, 6 piezometers and a SAA 3D ​​deformation cable for monitoring vertical deformation in soils. The second phase of the development includes an additional 15 piezometers, 4 anchor load cells and three SAA 3D ​​deformation cables for monitoring vertical deformation of the sheet piling. All instruments are automated and provide real-time data through the Cautus Web data management platform. With this system, both the developer and entrepreneurs will receive alerts and alarms via SMS or email if any adverse events occur. Cautus Web is used simultaneously as a reporting tool for consultants and other professionals involved in the project.