Building damage


Powerful rainstorms during the fall have led to floods and landslides that have had damaging effects on a number of buildings. Cautus Geo offers solutions for monitoring of ground stability and movement of building foundations.

One such example in the Oslo area is a house where segments of the foundation slid out following a period of heavy rain, causing the residents to have to evacuate. There was thus a need for real-time monitoring of the foundation to measure movements and settlement of the building.

In response, Cautus Geo installed sensors at the site that transmit data in real-time to Cautus Web, where alarm notifications activate when measurements exceed defined threshold values. The measurements provide important information on the stability of the building and surrounding area and were used to determine when the evacuated residents could return home. In addition, the data being gathered is being used to evaluate the ongoing risk for settlement of the house’s foundation over time and will help determine if additional measures must be taken to stabilize the foundation in the future.